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I provide a safe, caring, reliable, affordable counselling and psychotherapy service, covering Central London, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Moorgate, Old Street, Farringdon, Marleybone. Fenchurch Street EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4 & South West London, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park, Southfields, Putney, Wands




You’re a qualified and fully registered counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, coach or healthcare worker who is accredited with the appropriate professional body in relation to your practice, and hold an up to date DBS certificate. You’re au fait with current ethical guidelines and procedures within your regulatory body and are receiving supervision or clinical supervision from your governing body.



Walking Therapy offers an innovative and holistic approach to counselling that equips clients with the tools they need to become more solution-focused. Taking place within a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting, it combines physical exercise with counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and coaching. As such Walking Therapy is proven to help clients reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes, improve strategic thinking, enhance creativity, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, improve anger issues and reduce levels of depression.



Diversify your practice with CPD Walking Therapy Training, delivered by leading Psychotherapist and Walking Therapy pioneer, Jonathan Hoban. Overseen by the BACP 2018 Ethical Framework criteria, this immersive course provides your team with full training so they can practice Walking Therapy with immediate effect.



Scenic, picturesque outdoor settings that produces sounds, scents and many other different types of stimulus, helps to recall memories, thoughts and feelings during Walking Therapy sessions. Client reactions and intuitive responses to stimuli that take place in the ‘here and now’ makes each session become far more full of emotional energy, which over time has helped me to experience and understand each client far more deeply.

Be able to offer clients who struggle with clinical environments with an alternative way to work with you. Stay at the forefront of psychotherapeutic knowledge, and provide your clients with a progressive way of healing that supports body, mind and soul. Develop your skills as a therapist with a progressive new approach that diversifies your practice. Work outdoors while harnessing the psychological, physiological, spiritual and psychotherapeutic effects of walking in nature in order to help a wider range of clients.


“Jonathan’s walk and talk CPD was very useful. I’ve been thinking for some time about doing Walking Therapy, given the associated physical and emotional benefits of being outdoors. I also like the concept of movement forward in terms of its implications within the therapeutic relationship. The practicalities, however, I was unsure of and this is what motivated me to seek out Jonathan.

I did an hour’s session with him, around Richmond Park. It was a really good combination of working experientially, whilst also then addressing practical aspects more directly. The theme of boundaries was discussed in depth, as was counter-transference and how it can differ outside compared to the confines of the therapy room. The result was that I both got a sense of what it is like for clients to experience walk and talk therapy as well as a greater grasp of the implications from the perspective of the therapist.”

— Clair Neil, Psychotherapist 



“I’d naturally started walking with my clients and I could sense the potential there to deliver a great experience but how well each walking session went felt very hit and miss, leaving me frustrated. I knew my coaching could be better but I just didn’t know how to improve it outdoors.

During the training, Jonathan shared his years of experience walking with clients and clarified the key parts of successful walking sessions using demonstrations and examples. I really appreciated how he tailored the training, spending extra time on aspects I was unfamiliar with and on more familiar topics taking time to discuss examples from my own client work.

Jonathan is truly in his element while walking and training with him in this way helped me feel what I want my clients to experience with coaching outdoors, a greater sense of clarity, creativity and control. 

I’m now more confident with clients and can professionally deliver inspirational and insightful coaching experiences outdoors.

I highly recommend training and working with Jonathan.”

— Adan Realey, Coach, Change the Dial



“I have been thinking about offering walking therapy for a while in my therapy practice so I decided to contact Jonathan to sign up for his CPD walking therapy training. We walked around Hyde Park and the training was a great balance of practicalities of walking with a client (there’s a lot more to consider than you would think} as well as the many therapeutic applications of walking together in the outdoors. Excellent training and well worth the trip to London. I’ve now got the skills and confidence to offer walking therapy to clients. If you are considering including walking therapy in your practice this training is invaluable!”

— Eileen Fisher, Pscyhotherapist



“During my CPD with Jonathan I discovered many things about facilitating walking therapy, finding my my time with Jonathan insightful and informative; not least very enjoyable. I  was pleasantly surprise to discover that much more could be gained from walking therapy than I had originally anticipated and I was very impressed by its immediate virtues and effectiveness as well as its potential long term benefits; revealed through my personal responses and reflection.”

— jacqueline miles, Psychotherapist



I completed Jonathan’s 1:1 walking therapy training in Richmond Park last week and found it extremely valuable. Jonathan made the session fun and informative at the same time, covering sensible practicalities as well as other aspects of walking therapy that just wouldn’t come up in the therapy room so are vital to be aware of. Issues like pace, distance between you and your client, taking a pause - all those aspects of a walking therapy session are an integral part of the process and Jonathan’s training allows the space to consider these and their impact. Thank you Jonathan for setting me on my walking therapy journey.

— candice johnson, Psychotherapist & supervisor

course brochure

Please click on link below to download my free course brochure, which underlines what is covered and included on the course. I also work on a sliding scale for those who require extra financial support, so please contact me to discuss further. For workshops, retreat packages, and public speaking engagements, please contact me directly.